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Industrial batteries

Industrial batteries are used in i.a. electrical cards, GPS trackers, cleaning machines, and electrical appliances. They are characterized by a long lifetime and high energy efficiency. Materials used in them are environmentally-friendly and recyclable.

In order to satisfy our customers’ requirements, we offer a wide range of cells and help them to select appropriate parameters of products. Not only do we distribute industrial batteries, but we also manufacture battery supply systems. We offer a large variety of packs that we design in our company and a possibility of customizing them. They are light-weight, capacious, and safe.

In our offer, you will find two types of batteries for industrial devices:

  • alkaline industrial batteries – they have high current parameters and increased capacity and may be used under difficult conditions;
  • lithium industrial batteries – they are distinguished by high energy density and longevity. As a manufacturer of lithium industrial batteries, we advise our customers how to take care of such products as overcharging or excessive discharging may lead to permanent damage

Sale of industrial batteries for the Smart Metering system

We manufacture industrial batteries for the Smart Metering system. These are innovative battery packs for so-called smart detectors, which allow you to read water, heat, gas, and electricity remotely. The system allows you to detect leakage quickly and report alarms related to the failure identified. The lifetime of our batteries in detectors is up to over a dozen years, which guarantees that information is transferred safely.