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About us

About us

The major registered office of Westerberg is located in Denmark and the development centre and production plant are situated in Poland. The company has been existing since 1945 and a Polish branch – since 1999. Our OEM solutions, designed with durable and long-term relations with our customers in mind, include: Original lithium batteries and packages of lithium cells.

Westerberg in Poland

We have many years of experience and technical knowledge. In the research and development department, we work on adapting battery packs to the needs and requirements of customers. Our team is committed to introducing modern technologies and raising the standard of the products offered.

In the Polish headquarters of the company there is a development center and a production plant. The Polish branch of Westerberg has been operating since 1999.

Westerberg in Denmark

Westerberg is a leading manufacturer of OEM solutions for diverse applications in the industry, IoT, Smart Metering, telemetry, e-mobility and many other.

Our OEM solutions, designed for a lasting and long-term relationship with our customers, include: Lithium Primary Batteries and Lithium Cell Packs.

The headquarters of the company, which has been operating since 1945, is located in Denmark.



We want to provide recipients – customers on the domestic and international market with products with modern parameters and requirements.

We are committed to maintaining and constantly improving the functioning of the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001, taking into account customer, legal and regulatory requirements, the needs of all interested parties and understanding our organization and its context.