Westerberg is a leading manufacturer of OEM battery pack solutions for different applications in industry, IoT, Smart Metering, Telemetry, eMobility and much more.

Westerberg’s headquarter is in Denmark and development center and production facility are based in Poland.The Headquarter is established in 1945 and polish faciliti is from 1999. Our OEM solutions, which are designed for a sustainable and long-term relationship with our customers, include the following: – Primary Lithium solutions – High performance battery pack assembly (li-ion, li-poly, Li-FePO4, Ni-MH) – Electronical and Mechanical Construction, starting from PCM/BMS, designing of the cell holders to the fire-resistant and shock-proof battery pack casing.

Tracking System Eletronic Fitness Gadget Workout Concept


GPS localizers which are powered by our packages of batteries are very popular at present and used, among others, for tracking location of animals, people, vehicles, maritime containers.

Yellow automated external mobile defibrillator and pad for rescuing patient with sudden heart shock and saving the patient from death.

Medical equipment

The use of the modern batteries guarantees reliability, safety & security as well as quality of medical equipment. The modern solutions are applicable, inter alia, in defibrillators which rescue people’s life.