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Power supply to system devices – Westerberg

Our company is a leading manufacturer of power supply to industrial devices. We offer OEM solutions, which are designed for various industries. They are used in i.a. electrical appliances, military equipment, IoT, Smart Metering, telemetry, e-mobility, and many others.

The major registered office of Westerberg is located in Denmark, whereas the development center and the production plant are situated in Poland. The company has existed since 1945, whereas the Polish branch since 1999. We design all solutions with durable and long-term relations with our customers in mind. We offer:

  • maintenance-free and durable industrial batteries;
  • small hybrid capacitators with large capacity;
  • lithium and alkaline batteries for industrial devices.


Our offers also includes services in the field of designing power supply systems. We have gained experience over many years and possess technical expertise. In our Research & Development Department, we work on adjusting battery packs to customers’ needs and requirements. Our team is committed to introducing new technologies and improves the standard of the products offered.

Power supply to the Internet of Things (IoT)

The most innovative devices produced by us include batteries for measuring, reporting, or monitoring equipment, which are connected to the Internet. Effective power supply to detectors reduces operating costs of equipment as it is able to sustain long operating cycles. This allows us to save on downtime caused by inefficiency of batteries and to avoid replacing worn-and-torn units frequently. Our reliable batteries work well in systems used in multiple industries such as manufacturing, automotive industry, building automation, healthcare, or agriculture.

Tracking System Eletronic Fitness Gadget Workout Concept


GPS localizers which are powered by our packages of batteries are very popular at present and used, among others, for tracking location of animals, people, vehicles, maritime containers.

Automated External Defibrillator and pad

Medical equipment

The use of the modern batteries guarantees reliability, safety & security as well as quality of medical equipment. The modern solutions are applicable, inter alia, in defibrillators which rescue people’s life.