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Westerberg w wiedniu (1)

Westerberg in Vienna

As part of an integration trip, Westerberg employees visited Vienna.  
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Solar photovoltaics (PV)

We are proud to announce the commissioning of solar photovoltaics (PV) Westerberg is increasingly focusing on sustainability and
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Manufacturing today

Westerberg in Manufacturing Today

Westerberg in latest issue Manufacturing Today. If you are looking for batteries that work in the toughest conditions,
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Tadiran batteries in extreme conditions

How Tadiran batteries can work even under extreme conditions. If you need a reliable solution please contact us. 
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Advantages of HLC capacitors

Advantages of HLC capacitors. Please see the article. Clik here to read more.  Please contact us for further
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New in Westerberg offer. Tadiran lithium batteries with a voltage of 3.90V.

New in the offer! Tadiran lithium batteries with a voltage of 3.90V. Please see our offer for more
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