Tadiran TL-6900 series batteries are standard lithium batteries in sizes from 1 / 2AA to DD and a nominal voltage of 3.90V, which are ideal for long-term standby applications. The TL-6900 series is specially designed to work with HLC (Hybrid Layer Capacitor) capacitors and as part of the Pulses Plus package.

These batteries are characterized by high energy density and high voltage, and extremely low self-discharge (less than 1% per year), and the casings of these batteries are hermetically sealed to provide protection against leakage.

For more information on the applications and use of these cells, please contact us.

Model Size Voltage (V) Nominal capacity (Ah) Nominal current (mA) Dimensions (mm) Datasheet
TL-6902 1/2AA 3,9 1,00 1 Ø 14,50 x 25,20 Pdf pobierz
TL-6903 AA 3,9 2,10 2 Ø 14,50×50,50 Pdf pobierz
TL-6920 C 3,9 7,50 20 Ø 26,20×50,00 Pdf pobierz
TL-6930 D 3,9 16,00 30 Ø 32,90×61,50 Pdf pobierz
TL-6937 DD 3,9 33,00 60 Ø 32,90×124,50 Pdf pobierz