New types of EVE batteries now available in our offer

Never worry about your electronic devices running out of battery again. Upgrade to EVE’s revolutionary new battery technology and stay powered up no matter where your career takes you. Don’t miss out on this game-changing opportunity!

Check EVE batteries ER26500C and ER34615C.




Westerberg new branch D/A/CH

Exciting news!

Our company has expanded to the D/A/CH region. From breaking down barriers to embracing diversity, our team is dedicated to creating a brighter future and paving the way for growth.
We’re excited to build stronger relationships in the region and look forward to what the future holds.

Solar photovoltaics (PV)

We are proud to announce the commissioning of solar photovoltaics (PV)

Westerberg is increasingly focusing on sustainability and the reduction of CO2 emissions.


Now that’s cold: Batteries for covid vaccine handle -112°F


Tadiran Batteries are being specially modified for use in the cold chain demanded by Covid vaccine made by Pfizer. Batteries are adapted to survive at -112°F, the temperature at which the new COVID-19 vaccine will be transported.

If you are looking for batteries that work in the toughest conditions, please contact us.