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lithium batteries 4,0V

Lithium batteries 4,0V

TLM series lithium oxide batteries offered in four versions (High Energy, High Power and Ultra High Power and Military Grade) are ideal for applications requiring high pulses and / or high continuous power even after prolonged storage. The TLM series batteries provide high voltage (4.0 V), high pulses, high power and no passivation effect.

These cells also have a wide temperature range (from -55 ° C to + 85 ° C) and long-term storage capacity due to low self-discharge – below 3% per year. TLM batteries are recognized by UL as safe, non-toxic and pressure-free, and anode materials are less reactive than standard lithium cells.

These batteries have proven themselves in a variety of safety tests, including crushing, puncture, high temperature chambers, short circuit tests and charging. The military series is even more durable.

Model Size Voltage (V) Nominal capacity (Ah) Nominal current (mA) Max. Pulse current (mA) Dimensions (mm) Datasheet Dimensions (mm) Datasheet
TLM-1520HPM 4.0 V 1.75 A 3.75 A 125 mAh 2.8 V ≤ 100 mΩ 89 % Ø 15 × 20 Pdf Download
TLM-1530HPM 4.0 V 3.2 A 6.8 A 225 mAh 2.8 V ≤ 100 mΩ 89 % Ø 15 × 27 Pdf Download
TLM-1550HPM 4.0 V 7 A 15 A 500 mAh 2.8 V ≤ 100 mΩ 89 % Ø 15 × 50 Pdf Download