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Industrial accumulators

In our offer, you will find industrial accumulators, which are manufactured in the following technologies: Li-Ion, Li-Poly, Li-FePO4, and Ni-MH. They are characterized by tightness as well as resistance to shocks and deep self-discharge. They do not require constant maintenance. An advantage of accumulators for industrial devices is that they are maintenance-free as well.

Westerberg is not only a distributor of industrial accumulators. We also design power supply systems based on accumulators. We advise our customers on appropriate components and create safe electrical systems. They are characterized by both stability and reliability. They also comply with the highest quality standards.

When manufacturing industrial accumulators, we apply state-of-the-art electronic and mechanical solutions:

  • we use a protection circuit and battery management system module (PCM/BMS);
  • we design safe handles for cells;
  • we develop a fire-proof and anti-shock cover.

As a leading manufacturer of industrial accumulators, we strive to meet our customers’ individual needs and introduce technological innovations into our manufacturing process.

Application of accumulator packs

Our brand’s accumulator packs are used in many industries which require ongoing access to energy. Apart from accumulators for electrical appliances, you can also purchase products used in:

  • e-mobility;
  • security alarms and traction systems;
  • telemetry.

We also sell industrial accumulators for medical and military equipment. We also serve customers operating in the renewable energy industry.