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Hybrid capacitors

Hybrid layer capacitors are a kind of battery. They are used in PulsesPlus batteries, where they are connected in parallel to Tadiran lithium batteries. HLC electrodes contain lithium intercalation compounds. They have low impedance and can deliver high current pulses. Their performance and reliability properties have been carefully optimized to match those of Tadiran lithium batteries The result is a battery with maximum energy and power density for stand alone use of up to 25 years. HLCs are used in devices which operate at high frequencies. They can be found in LED lighting systems, network devices and hardware as well as automation components.

Advantages of hybrid capacitors

Hybrid capacitors are distinguished by their high stability and operational safety. They are small, but they have large capacity. They are resistant to environmental factors as well as electric overload and rapid changes in electric current resulting from trial runs of devices. Another advantage of HLCs is also their full ability to work at both high and very low temperatures. Additionally, their maintenance does not require any special conditions (e.g. maintaining a minimum load when using or storing).